Manifeste du Ampere


Men of the turbine acropolis

1 – Taste the acrid sting of society’s discontent. The time of sobriety and false ceremony is past. Join our chorus; our voices fused shall hum as electricity along with singing wire

2- Worship the perfection bred in the belly of the forge; a ruthless beauty born of the factory line

3 – March beside the creatures of our making; ravenous beasts of steel and oil who shall never falter, age or die.

4 – Toast farewell to Mother Nature and her impotent worshippers. Let the hag languish; we, the progeny of the electric age, forge ahead with irrepressible acceleration

5 – Obey the force law, infallible and omnipresent

6 – Lift up your head! Our voracious thirst for progress propels us irresistibly forward. Society will fall quivering at out feet and we will mount the world.

Danger. Madness imbues these words, the madness of conviction, of inspiration, of iron will as relentless as the march of time.

Hear us and unite.