Bar Ampere Menu


Soldiers worth their salt

A lonely boiled egg befriends brioche soldiers, while rosemary, porcini, & chili salt clamour to play.

Eggs Maurette

Red wine sozzled eggs flanked by brioche and a befuddled mushroom mousse.

Bean canteen

Braised cannellini beans in a decadent tomato chorizo sauce, doused in Gruyère, and accompanied by toasted sour dough.

Ampere’s croque monsieur

Cheerfully portly Smokehouse ham, Swiss Gruyère, Dijon mustard and buttery toast. A classic for a reason.

Almond pancakes with compressed strawberries

A perfectly precise stack of fluffy almond pancakes, layered with compressed strawberries and delectable vanilla & maple crème fraîche.

Harlequin king fish

Squares of diaphanous King Fish and plucky red and yellow pepper scattered with micro basil and a tomato, baby caper, red onion salsa.