Art is a Weapon Pale Ale

packaging copy

While the world watched Communism’s bold and bloody march across Europe, here on the quiet side of the earth a brotherhood formed. Melbourne scholars Noel Counihan, Jack Maughan and Nutter Buzacott founded the Worker’s Art Club; a collective dedicated to raging against the traditional order. They called out to every timid worker; planting seeds of rebellion in those whose backs and will were broken. Their motto; Art is a Weapon. Decades on, we carry their creed on our shoulders. Art is a weapon against uniformity, against conformity, against all that is beige and muted in our world.






To align the brand with its inspiration, the ‘Workers Art Club’ 1920’s communist group created by Melbournian academics.


Label copy and marketing which mimics the tone of the ’Workers Art Club’s early newsletters along with a more general suggestion of early communist ideology


Copy that acts as a call to arms for drinkers bored with the status quo