Bar Ampere Launch

press release


Bar Ampere by Vernon Chalker is open

Vernon Chalker would like to tender a warning that his new aperitif bar, Bar Ampere, has churned into action.

The rambunctious Chalker Empire has pushed further into the Melbourne scene, welcoming a unique new bar to its already varied brood of CBD mainstays, stalwart Gin Palace, saucy Madame Brussels and seasoned Collins Quarter.

Bar Ampere stands above an antiquated electrical substation as monument to the French physicist Andre-Marie Ampere. A man who surged ahead of his time, Ampere was fluent in the language of electricity and modernity. His thirst for progress is shared by the team at Ampere.

Fuelled by speed, mechanical precision and bustling youth; Bar Ampere realises the Futurist dream. As part of their quest for perfection, the futurists rejected traditional approaches to consumption. In testament, Bar Ampere’s Chefs wield machines to marry art, food, and functionality.

Knives and forks are nowhere to be found. Instead multipurpose Splayds simplify dining leaving the left hand free for more animated table talk. With a production line running from 8am to 3am, Ampère services Melbourne’s inner city with unsurpassed hospitality. All the while the barstaff usher the eager into the world of aperitifs; opening appetites and guiding through the phases of digestion. From Quinquina to Pastis, Vermouth to Amaro, foreign names will become new favourites. The wine list offers a concise collection of varietals by a single vigneron while the signature ‘Art is a Weapon’ pale ale is served on tap.

The décor of Bar Ampere hearkens back to the heights of Parisian café culture. Beneath the outdoor arches patrons may plan their own cultural revolution while savouring a Picon. Inside, they can gather around the bar that is soon to be adorned with more chrome than a Studebaker.

BG Architecture has been the architectural and interior design consultants on this project with Ficus Constructions in charge of the fit out. We thank them for their architectural whimsy. And for those who need a vacation from reality and ideology, we invite patrons to venture into the swampy wonderland that is Vernon’s verdant imagination. Linking Gin Palace and Bar Ampere is a little anteroom where madness has been released to take full flight. Take just a few steps down the hall past the toilets and you will find yourself transported from the cosmopolitan to the Creole. Stepping out onto a rickety porch, fancy transports you to the fecund surrounds of a Southern bayou. With drinks proffered from a piano-come-cocktail cabinet, customers can loll on weathered furniture beneath the muted phosphorescence of fireflies hiding in the moss.

Bar Ampere invites you to discover what magic madness spawns.