Gin Palace and the Gin and Tonic

press release

Reinventing the G&T

The Gin and Tonic. Whether the first drink of the day or the last of the night this classic blend never fails to hit the spot. In the coming weeks Gin Palace will be reinventing this old faithful and showing her off. Forget the tired slice of lime and flat tonic, this is the G&T as you have never encountered it before. Gins and tonics from across the globe will be matched to showcase the versatility of this classic drink and take it to entirely new heights.

Honouring a long-standing relationship with Hendricks, Gin Palace will be offering a blend of this aromatic Scottish gin and the brand’s own tonic, Quintieum. The result of their master distiller’s Amazonian quest for rare botanicals, Quintieum can only be tasted at select bars. Of course, the ubiquitous cucumber is present to provide the trademark crispness, complemented with rose and strawberry to produce the ultimate summer sip. With a nod to the original inventors of the G&T, Gin Palace will also be offering Sipsmith’s 2009 Dry London Gin. This copper-stilled Gin is paired with Australia’s own heavily citric Capi Tonic. Finished with rhubarb, strawberries and mint this blend will conjure the soft thud of croquet balls on impeccably manicured lawns.

Australia’s status as the young guns of the Gin scene will also be represented with the Melbourne Gin Company. This gin boasts the subtle creaminess of Macadamia nut, which is brought out through the pairing with Q Tonic. Brooklyn-born Q Tonic has a very paired back quinine flavour and is naturally agave sweetened to produce an effervescent mouth feel without a sugary aftertaste.

Another boutique tonic brand taking a starring role in Gin Palace’s offerings is Fever Tree. There will be two Fever Tree blends on offer; each paired with gins that best match their unique flavours. The first is the classic Indian Tonic, with a cold-press citrus taste that has made it a staple in all the best bars. It is here matched with Beefeater 24, which follows the traditional Dry London Gin recipe with the exotic additions of grapefruit, Chinese green tea and Japanese Secha tea. Also on display is Fever Tree’s softer, more floral Mediterranean blend matched with olive, rosemary and thyme distilled Gin Mare. The bartenders complete this liquid bruschetta with anchovy stuffed olives, cherry tomatoes and micro basil to produce a bold savoury offering.

The above is just a few of Gin Palace’s reinventions. They have taken the care to treat this humble drink as it deserves to be; as one of the cocktail greats. There is no better way to while away the long evenings than to discover a newfound respect for an old favourite. You’ll never look at a Gin and Tonic the same.