Maidenii Vermouth

branding / packaging / photography / strategy / writing

Introduce locally produced, premium Maidenii Vermouth to the alcohol market. The challenge was to position Maidenii as a reputable brand within the traditional Vermouth category whilst introducing a Vermouth as a “new” drink the public. The aim was to create of an identity that honours the origins of both the French and Australian founders, and that reflects their focus on Australian Native Botanicals.


We continue to develop packaging, copy, promotional and event material, media releases and various other communications to promote this small-batch but increasingly well-known Vermouth. It had an extremely successful market entry, it is currently stocked in over 200 Australian venues, has distributors in 3 states, is soon to be on the shelves at Dan Murphy’s, and has already made its way all the way to Canada, France and Germany.


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